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lets talk about how dreamworks made a main character with a prosthetic limb. lets talk about how his best friend and his dads best friend also had fully functional prosthetics that weren’t made to look inconspicuous. let’s talk about how the females are all kick ass, but have the capacity to be human. let’s talk about how the only sexualized thing in how to train your dragon 2 was eret son of eret’s arms

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Super proud of the chillin, we ponied her yesterday evening and she was super nervous at first but then totally fell in love.
She groomed Jiffy prettymuch by herself and we showed her how to tack up and clean hooves.
When it came to the end she wanted to keep going, she tried to take the bridle off but Jiffy was keeping her head a bit high and distracted by hay so I did it.
She cleaned her front hooves out by herself and wouldn’t take any shit from Jiffy who was testing her.
All in all I’m really proud of her for her first time, it’s a lot of information being thrown at her and she did really well.

Once she’s a bit more confident I’d like to get her some lessons on the lunge line and stuff. But yeah super happy :)

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